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When Can Eye Floaters And Flashes Cause You To Go Blind?

Blobs of black, thin lines that seem like they are grouped together as a clump of eye floaters can drift through your vision and interefere with it when they get stuck in the middle of your eyes. Seeing past an increase in black floaters is hard to do, especially when a clump of them seem to get in the way of your central reading or driving vision.

Target shaped black eye floaters that appear in your vision with showers of streaky lights may be warning signs of a retinal detachment. Prompt restoration of vision can usually be achieved best if the retinal tear is fixed as quickly as possible by a retinologist. If a retinal detachment is not fixed promptly then the vision could be lost in the eye and you could go blind.

Thankfully, only rarely will a patient who experiences worm like eye floaters go on to develop a retinal detachment.

If you see a black dot floating in your eyes you are not alone, at least half of all people will eventually get eye floaties by age 80. For those who are one of these people and you also get quick flashy lights in your own vision then you definitely currently have a one in 7 prospect of being diagnosed with a detached retina or retinal tear.
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