Acute Floaters And Flashes Of Light

An acute onset of eye floaters associated with flashes of light may indicate either a vitreous detachment is occurring in the back of the eye and/or a retinal tear or detachment as well.

Dark spots moving through your vision and drifting all around are termed "eye floaters." Even though they are extremely annoying, most eye floaters are not a serious problem. Clumpy material that is dark and looks like bugs moving around in your eyes happens as the vitreous liquifies into smaller particles.

If we are to try to figure out why eye floaters and flashes occur, it helps to know that the jelly material called vitreous in our eyes becomes smaller, shrinks, and changes from gel like to watery with time. Squiggles of dark circles or lines occur whenever the vitreous pulls away from the interior wall of your eye to form clumps in your vision. Eye floaters that look like the tentacles of an octopus or squid can become more apparent when you are staring up at a white ceiling or white light.

Dark stringy branched lines in your eyes that just won't quit can sometimes settle with gravity to the bottom of your vision.

Will Eye Floaters And Flashes Of Light Cause You To Go Blind?

Make certain to pay particular attention to an abrupt increase in dark eye shadows, spots or eye floaters and recognize that you should certainly see an eye physician as soon as you can.

Small black floaters that look like a tiny mosquito or gnat in your vision may increase in size or number and be associated with sudden bursts of light flashes, it is imperative you have an eye exam to check the retina for tears.

A board certified ophthalmologist who specializes in the retina should repair your tear or detachment, if one is found during your exam, promptly for best vision.

The back wall of your eye known as the retina usually does not detach in cases of thread like black eye floaters.

Chances Of Retinal Detachment With Acute Floaters And Flashes Of Light 

By the time you've reached the ripe old age of eighty you will have had about a fifty percent chance of seeing fragments of cobwebs drifting through your vision. Just don't forget that 1 out of 7 individuals who will also get light, bright flashes will end up having their retina torn and/or detached in the process of having their vitreous pull away from the rear wall of their eye.

Eye Migraine Headaches And Acute Flashes Of Light

Lines that look wavy or like a broken window glass in your vision are common during an eye migraine headache attack and so are seeing flickers or showers of bright white lights. These specific types of migraine are called an ocular migraine more likely than not don't create a headache. The brain has tiny blood vessels in it that might occasionally spasm and this is what results in the migraine of the eye.

Other medical conditions that can cause you to see strings of black floaters in front of your eyes include bleeding in the retina from diabetes, or infections in the vitreous from toxoplasmosis or herpes. Herpes in the back of your eye inflames the retina and so does toxoplasmosis of the eye, both can lead to eye flickers of light and floaters.

Wearing a prescription with a high "minus" number means you are nearsighted and more vulnerable to getting black webs or floaters drifting in front of you. You've got a bigger probability of getting a single little floater just like a bug gliding through your eye or perhaps a major group of floaters like a spider web within your eyes.

Be aware of companies or individuals trying to sell you eye vitamins, supplements, or herbal remedies for eye floaters; they just do not exist.

Laser For Acute Eye Floaters

If you want to try to get rid of your eye floaters with laser surgery then you may have a hard time finding a doctor to do it, only a few in the world actually perform the procedure.

Getting rid of black colored shadows and dark lines in front of your eyes can be accomplished with surgery, but the majority of doctors don't think it's wise because of the risks involved with removing eye floaters.



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