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When Are Floaters Most Noticeable? 

Most people will discover these dark spots floating in their vision when viewing a bright background such as clouds or a light blue sky. This is due to the shadows cast onto the back of the eye from the floaters. Squinting at a bright light can make your eye floaters stand out a little bit more than usual, especially in contrast to a dark room when they normally can't be seen very well.

Do Eye Floaters/Flashes Represent A True Disability Or An Emergency?

If you all of a sudden start to get stringy lines or clumps when you look at things together with flashy lights in your peripheral vision then there is about a 1 in 7 chance for getting a torn retina or detachment.

Being pregnant and noticing eye floaters is common and usually harmless, but it's still a good idea to see your eye care specialist. Black eye floaters don't usually stop after you reach a certain age, but they do tend to diminish or fade away with time for many people.
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