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Can You Go Blind From Eye Migraine Headaches? 

Waves of light that look light heat shimmering in your eyes can be found in sufferers of ocular migraine attacks, also shining flickers of light or swirls of color can occur as well. They may or may not be followed by a throbbing headache. They can cause a temporary blind spot in your vision that seems to enlarge, but then gradually fades away. Typically these eye migraine attacks only last 5 to 30 minutes.

Diabetes Out Of Control Can Cause Eye Floaters 

Cloudy eyesight from thick floaters in the eye can be associated with eye diabetes and bleeding in the back of the eye. Likewise, after cataract floaters develop commonly. More rare causes of "bugs in the eyes" are infections such as toxo, herpes, and other diseases that inflame the eye and retina. In addition, you are more vulnerable to getting cloudy, opaque floaters if your eye is longer than normal such as in myopia.
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