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Do Eye Floaters Change From Being No Problem Into A True Medical Emergency?

Tiny white lights that fade in and fade out of your vision along with black threads in front of your eyes are best evaluated by an ophthalmologist or optometrist. The opaque blotches and strings in your eye could become more numerous and can be associated with the gel tugging and tearing at the back coating of the eye - causing a tear of the retina.

Speckles of dark material drifting through the vision with zig zags of light that flickers on and off could mean a retinal problem is occuring in your eyes. If you do indeed develop a detachment of the retina or tear then your ultimate visual recovery will be dependent on the skill of your retina surgeon.

In the majority of scenarios the small black colored dots swimming in your vision referred to as eye floaters will not cause you to develop a retinal tear or a retinal detachment.

Seeing black globs of jelly floating in front of your eyes is a symptom of eye floaters that over half of all humans will notice by the time they reach 80. In most cases benign, these "eye floaties" can be quite a really serious retinal problem for fifteen percent of men and women if they are coupled with zig zag flashes of light because that can be a signal of retinal tearing or detaching.
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