Floaters Across Field Vision

Eye floaters that drift across your field of vision are one of the most common problems that optometrists and ophthalmologists see on a daily basis in their office.

"Jumpy" black lines that suddenly move in and out of your vision like little insects are medically termed floaters of the eyes. They may also look like small dots or wisps of strings; don't be concerned, generally they are not something that can damage your eyesight, however, they can be incredibly frustrating when you are trying to look at things and they get in the way.

Eye Floaters Can Drift Across Your Visual Field

The frequent dark, black eye floaters come from vitreous slowly pulling away and separating from your retina. With the passing of each year of your life, the vitreous gel in your eyeballs gradually undergoes shrinkage and a change to a less dense material happens.

Dark specks that look the jellyfish moving in your vision will often be seen after the vitreous changes composition and becomes more watery. What looks like a parasite floating in your eye is really just leftover material from the once solid vitreous jelly.

A squiggled mass of spider looking objects that looks like it's floating right in front of you can startle anyone who's ever experienced this floater situation.

When Can Drifting Eye Floaters Be A Risk For Your Vision?

You should seek out an eye doctor if you have black or grey floaters that make you feel dizzy and if you have bright white flashes of light in your eyes. Visual floaters with white lines that sparkle in the side of your eyes means a trip to the eye doctor is a good idea to rule out any retinal concerns.

A shining or flashy light away and off to the side of your vision at the same time as small, wormy lines in your eyes could place you at about a 14% chance for a detachment of the retinal tissue or a torn retina.

Having been diagnosed with a tear of the retina or detachment, it's imperative that your doctor repair this condition in a short period of time.

Dark floaters in your eye that are getting smaller and then bigger again are most likely harmless, but you should still have your eyes checked.

Fuzzy floaters that drift and block your vision may be seen by at least 50 percent of all people by age 80. Usually harmless, these "eye floaties" may be a really serious retinal problem for 15 % of people should they be accompanied by zig zag flashes of light for the reason that that is one sign of retinal tearing or detaching.

Other Causes Of Black Floaters Through Field Of Vision

During an eye migraine attack (also known as ocular migraine) you may experience weird flashing or shimmering lights and distorted vision like looking through cracked glass. Sometimes it is brought on by a spasming blood vessel inside your brain. Otherwise known as an ocular eye migraine, you possibly will not even get a throbbing headache plus they disappear in about half an hour.

Not only can shingles from herpes cause a red, painful eye but it can also inflame the vitreous which leads to large, black eye floaters.

Seeing string like clusters of debris floating in the field of vision is definitely more common for people who are nearsighted.

Getting Rid Of Floaters Naturally

The hope of getting rid or dissolving your black eye floaters with vitamins and medications may one day come true, but as of today there is no solution.

Most eye doctors currently in practice do not perform laser eye surgery for floater removal due to the fact that it's not an officially FDA approved procedure. 

String like strands of hair drifting in front of your eyes may never really go away for many patients, but your brain may ultimately learn to ignore them.



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