Eye Floaters Are Annoying And Frustrating

Eye floaters are so annoying for people who rely on having clear central vision because they sometimes have a tendency to drift into the middle of your eyes and can interfere with your ability to read, watch tv, or drive a car

Seeing "spots in front of your eyes" is a common phenomenon and it goes by the name of eye floaters. Even though they are extremely annoying and can cause a great deal of frustration, most eye floaters are not a serious problem.

What Causes Annoying And Bothersome Floaters?

It's possible to see tons of "insects floating in your eyes" when the gel like vitreous breaks up into smaller clumps and moves around in your vision. With time, the vitreous gel that fills up the back of our eyes changes from being like jello to a water like material.

Dark strings moving in your eyesight happen when small pieces of vitreous gel separate and drift through your vision. The "worms in your eyes" that are shifting back and forth are most visible when peering at the clouds or blue skies because they are in fact due to shadows on the back of your eyes caused by tissue moving in the vitreous gel. Black specks or spots that travel in straight lines randomly are pieces of tissue floating through the vitreous cavity.

Are Irritating Floaters Unsafe At Any Specific Moment In Time?

Bothersome floaters that cause cloudiness in your vision and/or shimmering light flashes are reasons to see your eye doctor without delay. Dizziness with black eye floaters that look like a gnat or floating dot in your sight should definitely be evaluated by your eye physician.

Dark eye floaters that seem to last a long time with sudden flickers of light to the side of your vision may mean a retinal tear is occurring 15% of the time. Being told you have a retinal problem such as a tear or detachment is only the first step, the next step is to be seen and treated by a board certified retinologist as quickly as possible.

Black floaters that get "stuck" in the center of your eye can sometimes partially block your reading ability.

Who Else Gets Frustrated By Eye Floaters?

By age eighty over half of all people will have seen wormy looking floaters drift in front of their eyes. Typically benign, these "eye floaties" might be a serious retinal issue for fifteen percent of people should they be coupled with zig zag flashes of light due to the fact that can be a signal of retinal tearing or detaching.

Are Eye Migraine Headaches Related To Floaters? 

Waves of light that look light heat shimmering in your eyes can be found in sufferers of ocular migraine attacks, also shining flickers of light can occur as well together with seeing swirls of color in the vision. They may or may not be followed by a throbbing headache and usually last only 5 to 30 minutes. Eye migraine headaches are a completely different disorder compared to eye floaters and they are thought to be caused by a blood vessel spasm deep inside the brain.

Other Things  That Can Trigger Floaters

Cloudy eyesight from thick floaters in the eye can be associated with eye diabetes and bleeding in the back of the eye. Likewise, after cataract floaters develop commonly. More rare causes of "bugs in the eyes" are infections such as toxo, herpes, and other diseases that inflame the eye and retina. You are more vulnerable to getting cloudy, opaque floaters if your eye is longer than normal such as in myopia.

Does Any Medicine Work For Floaters?

If there was convincing data that using eye drops or medicines for floaters worked, then it would be widely available and promoted, but there isn't as of yet.

If you decide to have laser surgery for your eye floaters remember that a certain percentage of individuals will have the floaters come back or even get worse and this is not an officially approved FDA procedure.

To take out your eye floaters with surgical treatment called vitrectomy is an option most eye doctors will not recommend. The reason is due to the fact that a great majority of sufferers will get used to the black lines and grey spots they see and their brain typically will ignore them.



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