Eye Floaters and After Images : Seeing Flashes Of Light

Eye floaters and after images can occur together at the same time or at different times of day. They have separate causes, eye floaters usually are due to changes in the vitreous gel and after images happen as a nervous system feedback. A common example of an after image is when you see a bright flash of light after having the flash of a camera go off as someone is taking a picture of you.

Seeing dark spots, flakes of dirt or dust like particles drifting through your vision is better known as eye floaters. For the majority of individuals who get floaters they aren't a serious matter.

Vitreous Floaters Occur As The Gel In The Eye Shrinks 

Tiny dark bugs or black lines that accumulate near the central portion of your vision are evident when the vitreous breaks down into smaller particles. As the vitreous gel in the back portion of your eye ages, it starts to shrink, becomes less solid, and pulls away from your retina.

Seeing a lot of dark, branched lines that look like strings in front of your eyes can happen in the aftermath of vitreous gel collapse. Dark flying flies that drift about in your vision are due to dark shadows that are cast by remnants of particles in the vitreous gel.

Clumpy strands of material that looks like worms can seem to fly in the air in front of your eyes as the particulate matter in the vitreous gel moves around.

Are Eye Flashes With Eye Floaters And After Images Dangerous?

Don't hesitate to see your eye doctor at once if the dark floaters swirling in your eyes suddenly increase. A black arc in your vision that gets bigger over time and moves back and forth with showers of light could mean the vitreous gel is separating from your retina.

Silver flashes of light that you see when you look to the side of your vision plus black eye floaters means you may have a retinal problem around 14 percent of the time. It will be necessary to send you to a retinal surgeon for repair if you are found on exam to have a retinal detachment or tear.

Does Exercise Cause Eye Floaters? 

Eye exercise and black floaters in your vision are usually coincidental and not directly correlated with each other.

Floaters like a bunch of cockroaches running around in your eyes can be experienced by up to half of all people by the time they reach 80. If white flashes come from the side of your eyes then 1 of seven people also acquire retinal conditions like detachments or tears.

Flashes Of Lightning Can Be Seen With Eye Migraine Headache Attacks 

Flickers of bright light in your eyes together with a blind spot that gradually seems to get bigger and zig zag patterns of swirling colors are all part of an eye or ocular migraine. Usually these do not create a head ache and they ordinarily have a duration of about 30 minutes. They are the result of spasming blood vessels in your brain.

Using any kind of laser to perform surgical procedures in the eye can cause the eye to be inflammed in the vitreous humor and therefore result in more dark floaters and black strings drifting in front of your eyes. So can bleeding or infection of the eyeball. Long black strands or globules that float in your vision are more frequent for individuals who are myopic or nearsighted.

Natural Vitamins To Get Rid Of Floaters Or Laser Eye Surgery?

Don't be tricked into taking any medical treatment, vitamin supplements or herbal remedies for your dark floaters and shadows in your vision, it's never been proven to work.

There have been mixed results for laser floater eye surgery, meaning some people have benefited and others have not. Cloudy, dark shadows in your eyesight will typically diminish and lessen in intensity over time.



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