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Eye Floaters And Alcohol : Can Drinking Help Or Hurt?

Eye floaters and alcohol are not directly related to each other; however, it is known that consuming alcohol can cause dehydration within the body. The vitreous humor is made up of 98% water; it is thought that the vitreous collapses and shrinks with time, so anything that contributes to dehydration, including alcohol, could be a potential aggravating factor.

Drinking beer, wine, or other spirits is not thought to have any significant bearing on helping floaters get better or making them appear worse.

It's not unusual to see drifting lines of dark material that looks like bugs moving through your eyes when you are dealing with floaters. This is one of the most prevalent complaints that eye physicians see in their office regularly, and luckily, most of the time they are harmless.

As the substance called vitreous begins the process of breaking down into smaller pieces you can see bugs "swimming" in your vision.
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