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When Are Eye Injuries And Floaters Dangerous?

Transient floaters that don't last that long are more worrisome if they are joined by sudden jolts of light flashes in your eye, then it's time to see a retinal eye doctor. Starbursts of light like sparklers in your eye together with lots of black floaters constitute enough of a reason to see your eye md.

If you get hit in the eye and start seeing big black floaters that look like opaque dots or rings in your eyes then you really need to be evaluated by your eye care professional. A board certified ophthalmologist who specializes in the retina should repair any potential tears or detachment of the retina promptly for best vision.

At times black eye floaters can seem to get "stuck" in the middle of the vision and "block" your ability to read a book or see an iphone or ipad clearly.

Seeing a dark or black spot moving around the edge of your side vision is a feature of eye floaters that half of all humans get by their 80th birthday. As well as these "eye floaters" you may additionally see flashing lights to the sides of your eyes, there'd now be around a 15 percent prevalence of retinal difficulties like a tear or detachment.
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