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Eye Migraines And Eye Trauma 

A migraine of the eye is also known as an ocular migraine and can cause you to see a blind spot that gets bigger as it moves through your vision and jagged zig zag flashes of bright white lights. Often known as a retinal migraine , these traditionally do not have a head ache later. It is thought that a blood vessel deep in the brain tissue switches into and out of a spasm which is why these ordinarily range from 15 to 45 minutes. Trauma is usually not a factor that triggers eye migraine headaches.

Any kind of eye surgery that involves using a laser has the potential for causing you to see an increase number of eye floaters, grey spots, or stringy lines in your vision. So can bleeding or infection of the eyeball.

Ring-shaped black eye floaters occur more often in individuals who are myopic or nearsighted, and getting hit in the eye increases your chances of floaters even more.
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Laser Eye Surgery

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