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MS or multiple sclerosis can lead to vision loss when a condition called optic neuritis occurs, which is an inflammation and swelling of the optic nerve in the back of the eye.

Eye Floaters Symptoms Are Due To Changes In The Vitreous Gel

A significant number of black mosquitoes that look like they are flying right near your eyes means you are seeing the vitreous gel breaking apart. With the passing of time, the structure of the vitreous in our eyes changes and becomes much less dense and shrinks as it becomes more watery.

Dark strings moving in your eyesight happen when small pieces of vitreous gel separate and drift through your vision. People notice black spots in front of their eyes more often when they look out an airplane window and gaze at the clouds. Shadows are then formed on your retina from the globs of material floating around inside the vitreous gel.

That "gnat floating in your eyes" is in fact tiny pieces of gel sailing back and forth in the eye itself, drifting by.
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Laser Eye Surgery

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