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Eye Infections That Can Cause Floaters 

Transparent web like floaters that drift up and down in your vision can be seen with toxoplasmosis eye infections or herpes of the eye, both of which can inflame the vitreous body. Herpes in the back of your eye inflames the retina and so does toxoplasmosis of the eye, both can lead to eye flickers of light and floaters.

Dark shadows that appear in front of your eyes and move back and forth in your vision are more frequent if you happen to be more nearsighted than normal.

Treatment For Eye Floaters And MS 

Don't be tricked into taking any medical treatment for you dark floaters and shadows in your vision, it's never been proven to work. MS is a completely different disease and has its own specific medications that are monitored by your neurologist or primary care doctor.

Dissolving eye floaters with a laser is something that only a very limited number of ophthalmologists in the world do. In addition, the Food and Drug Administration has never officially endorsed it.

A retinologist is an eye surgeon who can remove eye floaters with a particular procedure known as vitrectomy.

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Laser Eye Surgery

 laser vision surgery