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If Floaters Are Normal When Are They A Danger For Your Vision?

When trying to focus on black floating little dots you may also sometimes notice white lightning flashes at the side of your eyes, this could mean the retina is detaching along with the vitreous. Seeing starbursts of light flickering off to the side of your vision along with a line of floaters across your eyes could mean the vitreous gel is pulling on the retina. Reattaching a torn retina quickly is vital to the final visual outcome that you will get.

Some people describe black eye floaters so bad that it makes them sick to their stomach to watch them constantly drifting through their vision. Black squigglies in your vision and seeing dark things flying by are thankfully usually a harmless phenomenon.

People who swat at imaginary bugs or flies near their eyes may be suffering from floaters, indeed over half of all individuals experience similar symptoms. Fourty out of 100 will likely become aware of flashes of light and of people about fifteen in one hundred are going to have a detachment of the light sensing retinal layer of their eye or a tear of the retina.
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