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Bleeding In The Eye Or Inflammation Can Cause Floaters 

Inflammation within the vitreous body can occur after eye laser surgery which may cause someone to suddenly see sparks of light in their side vision and large black floaters right in the center of their sight. So can bleeding or infection of the eyeball.

Noticing a large amount of black floaters in front of the eyes is not uncommon for teenagers who have a high degree of nearsightedness.

Normal Treatment For Eye Floaters 

Medicine to help get rid of eye floaters is currently being investigated and may be approved in the next few years, but for now most eye doctors recommend trying to learn to live with them as they often fade over time and the brain ignores floaters eventually.

The number of ophthalmologists who perform laser surgery to get rid of eye floaters is extremely small in the US and around the world.

A limited number of people elect to have surgery to removed their annoying eye spots and dark strings such as professional sports figures or pilots for example. The surgery is called a vitrectomy and it removes the gel like portion of the eye called vitreous and replaces it with saline water.

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