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When Should Eye Floaters Be Treated Or Taken Care Of?

Having black eye floaters for many years but then suddenly getting flashing lights could mean you are having a significant retinal tear or detachment. Black floaters that move and make your vision fuzzy should not be ignored, see your eye doctor to have a thorough exam.

Speckles of dark material drifting through the vision with zig zags of light that flickers on and off could mean a retinal problem is occuring in your eyes. For a retina doctor to save your vision in cases where a retinal detachment or tear are found, you need to be examined and treated in a prompt fashion.

A flashing light floater in your eye needs to be examined by an ophthalmologist to rule out a retinal detachment. If you ever get the feeling that a bug is passing by off to the side of your vision you may be experiencing an eye floater, which is something that fifty percent of all individuals share by age eighty. As well as these "eye floaters" you may also notice flashing lights to the sides of your eyes, there would now be around a fifteen percent prevalence of retinal complications such as a tear or detachment.
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