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Medicines To Cure Eye Floaters?

Medications to dissolve your eye floaters are in development, but may not be available for several more years. There are no current medicines or pills available for treatment of floaters in the eye.

Laser Eye Surgery For Floater Removal 

If you've been to see your eye doctor about black floating spots in your eyes, chances are he or she will just tell you to live with them because your brain will usually eventually learn to ignore them.

Occasionally people seek out a laser floater specialist who can sometimes eliminate your floaters by shining a light inside the eye which vaporizes them. This may take one or several sessions and is usually not covered by your insurance but can be effective in some cases.

Because the majority of people who suffer from eye floaters learn to live with them, they are only rarely removed with vitrectomy surgery by a retinologist.

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Laser Eye Surgery

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