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When Are Eye Floaters And Flashes Of Light A Medical Emergency?

Jagged streaks in your vision that look like a shower of lights along with black colour floaters are signs of a potential retinal disorder and should be checked out promptly. Uncountable numbers of black strings, dots, and lines in your eyes represent a serious amount of eye floaters that should be evaluated by an ophthalmologist.

If you are pregnant and start seeing floating black spots in your eye and streaks or showers of bright light you should be examined by an eye md to evaluate your retina. The ability of your retinal surgeon is critical to restoring your eyesight if you develop a tear of the retina or a detachment.

For the most part, the back wall of your eye known as the retina usually does not detach in cases of thread like black eye floaters.

Reaching the milestone age of eighty also means that by now you have about a fifty percent chance of seeing black spots in your eyes that look like bugs or cockroaches floating in your vision. Typically this isn't an issue, but fifteen out of every one hundred people who out of the blue become aware of bursts of light flashing in their eyes may go on to have a tear in the retinal tissue.
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