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that drift through your vision are the result of separation of the vitreous gel from the retina, not from anything you eat in your diet. Although certain dietary habits like fasting or being dehydrated can make you feel more irritable when you have floaters.

The frustration of constant floaters can be made more clear by knowing that they are from a change of consistency in the vitreous humor. For example, the gel called vitreous gets to be more watery and this is why those spots, globs, and lines show up in your vision.

Any time these tiny pieces of tissue in the vitreous move inside your eye they can appear to you as dark areas that move by or black lines, dots, or specks in your vision. Black worms "swimming in front of your eyes" are more visible when looking at a bright overhead light or a white cloud, computer screen, ipad, or iphone.

Hairlike dark floaters can look like they are swimming inside your eye as the vitreous gel moves back and forth. That's because they float back and forth freely in the gel of your eye.
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