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Other Causes For Cloudy Floaters 

Various infections of the eye like toxo and herpes can cause you to see black, cloudy floaters in your vision. Herpes in the back of your eye inflames the retina and so does toxoplasmosis of the eye, both can lead to eye flickers of light and floating spots in front of your eyes. Your eyeball is longer than normal when you wear a strong pair of glasses for nearsightedness and also you have a higher chance of getting black stringy eye floaters.

Recent New Treatments For Vitreous Floaters

There has been recent news of a potential new medicine for eye floaters that would dissolve them, but it is still experimental. Any reports of benefits from taking vitamins, supplements, or herbs have not been confirmed in double blind clinical studies.

Using a laser light to get rid of eye floaters is not a very commonly performed procedure, in fact it's not approved by the FDA, but that doesn't stop a handful of eye doctors from offering it with mixed results.

An operation to remove your black eye floaters called a vitrectomy is a possible option for some people, it is not often performed because of the potential risks involved such as retinal detachment, infection, or cataract.

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Laser Eye Surgery

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