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Ocular Eye Migraine Headaches Are Usually Not Painful 

Migraines of the eye or ocular migraines can mimic eye floaties and flashing lights but most of the time they go on for about 5 to 30 minutes and the lights flicker and shimmer more in your eyes with a wavy pattern caused by pulsating blood vessels in your brain.

They might or may not be followed by a headache, but in most cases are painless. Sometimes you can see swirls of color floating in the vision with an eye migraine.

Black flecks that look like pepper flakes in the vision are more noticeable after you've had cataract or YAG laser surgery of the eyes. Your vitreous and retina are more stretched if you are extremely nearsighted which can lead you to see more black floaters and drifting spots in front of your eyes.
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