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Cause Of Floaters In The Morning

When the gel like vitreous material in the back of your eye starts to break down you can see a curtain, veil, or dark shadow moving through your eyesight. During the process of aging the once jel like vitreous humor starts to become more liquid and watery in composition.

The grey floaters hanging in the center of your vision are a result of the vitreous gel pulling away from the rear portion of your eye.

Floaters and flashing after eye surgery are even more easy to see if you try and stare at a light colored piece of paper, a computer screen, iphone, or ipad because of the contrast that occurs in these situations. Looking at an ipad with a bunch of black floaters in the eyes is a very frustrating experience for people.  Likewise, squinting at a bright light can make your eye floaters stand out a little bit more than usual, especially in contrast to a dark room when they normally can't be seen very well.

How Could Eye Floaters At Dawn Be Dangerous For Your Vision?

Having an eye floater in the morning
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Laser Eye Surgery

 laser vision surgery