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mention that it's like looking through a cracked or broken window with swirls of colors and shimmering flashes of lights. These particular types of migraine are known as an ocular migraine and more likely than not they don't lead to a headache. The brain has little blood vessels in it that might occasionally spasm and this is what brings about the migraine of the eye. These eye migraine attacks can happen in the early dawn of the morning, but there is no special significance to the time of day that they occur.

Transparent web like floaters that drift up and down in your vision can be seen with toxoplasmosis eye infections or herpes of the eye, both of which can inflame the vitreous body. Herpes in the back of your eye inflames the retina as well and so does toxoplasmosis of the eye, both can lead to eye flickers of light and floaters.

Teenagers who are particularly nearsighted due to high amounts of myopia are more likely to suffer from black eye floaters drifting through the vision.

Treatment For Eye Floaters In The Morning 

Taking any combination of medicines
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Laser Eye Surgery

 laser vision surgery