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 that looks like a bug zipping by in conjunction with shimmers or flashes of light are warning signs of potential retinal problems.

Some people are known to get eye twitching and millions of tiny black dot eye floaters which they believe are both related to anxiety.

Intense flashes of bright lights together with new black stringy eye floaters should prompt you to seek out a retinal specialist as soon as possible for a dilated exam. It's hard to underestimate the importance of a timely fix to any retinal tear or detachment that you may be diagnosed with.

By the eighth decade of life at least half of all people have seen black strings floating in front of their eyes or hair like strands. 15 out of 100 people that detect lines of light or lightning bolts in their eye-sight will likely be told they've got a tear or detachment of their retina after being inspected by their optometrist.

Eye Migraine Headaches At Dawn 

Some people who describe their eye or ocular migraines
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Laser Eye Surgery

 laser vision surgery