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As You Age Are Eye Floaters A More Serious Problem?

Fuzzy vision with floaters and flashing, blinking lights are a sure sign that you need to get in to see an optometrist or eye doctor right away. Suspected eye floaters due to seeing multiple small black dots drifting through your vision should be confirmed with an eye examination by a specialist.

Random black dots in the eyes that drift when you move them and quick flashes of light to the sides could be a sign of retina problems in one out of seven people who suffer with these symptoms. If you are actually diagnosed with not just a floater but also a retinal detachment then it is incumbent upon your doctor to refer you on to a retina surgeon for further treatment.

The back wall of your eye or retina is not going to detach most of the time if you happen to out of the blue discover eye floaties or build up like black threads moving in your vision.
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