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Half Of All People Get Floaters By Age Eighty

Seeing semitranparent dark spots or strands moving across your field of vision is a symptom of eye floaters that half of all people will experience by the time they reach the age of eighty. In addition to these "eye floaters" you may also see flashing lights to the sides of your eyes, there would now be around a fifteen percent likelihood of retinal concerns such as a tear or detachment.

Eye Migraine Headache Attacks And Age

Spasms of blood vessels deep inside your brain may cause you to see shimmering lights, jagged patterns in the vision, and a floating blind spot; these all occur with ocular or eye migraine attacks. Usually these do not result in a throbbing headache and they routinely have a length of about around five to thirty minutes. They are attributed to spasming blood vessels in your brain and are more common at a younger age.
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Laser Eye Surgery

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