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What Else Can Cause Floaters? 

After cataract surgery your floaters can sometimes look like a swarm of small insects floating in your eyes, these usually diminish over time. Less commonly, diabetic retinal bleeding can be a factor and/or eye infections from herpes which inflame the retina. Ring-shaped black eye floaters occur more often in individuals who are myopic or nearsighted. These are more prevalent should wear a strong eyeglass prescription with large minus numbers.

Help For Eye Floaters

There isn't any medicine, natural herb, or eye vitamin supplements you can take for eye floaters, dark lines, or sparkling lights.

Since insurance companies will probably not cover your laser eye surgery for floaters, be prepared to pay for it out of your own pocket. This is a rarely performed procedure that is considered "off label" by the FDA.

As time passes by the dark spots, flecks, and stringy lines have a tendency to sink to the bottom of your eye and thus you may not notice them as much.

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Laser Eye Surgery

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