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What Causes Floaters And Macular Degeneration Symptoms?

The confetti like black spots that you see in your eyes with floaters are a manifestation of the vitreous gel breaking down into smaller remnants. Macular degeneration typically presents with symptoms of loss or distortion of central vision due to the deterioration of cells in the central portion of the retina.

During your younger years, the vitreous in your eye is solid and like gel, this changes with time as it shrinks and becomes more liquid like. Squiggles of dark circles or lines occur whenever the vitreous pulls away from the interior wall of your eye to form clumps in your vision. The appearance of wispy strands of materials or dark shadows in your eyes can take place as floaters drift through your vision.

Whenever you try to stare at those annoying floaters they seem to move away from you. That's because they drift back and forth freely in the gel of your eye. Macular degeneration if different in that nothing is "floating" in your eye, there is just a "wearing out" of retinal tissue that causes the distortion or blurry vision.
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