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Eye Migraines Have Different Symptoms Compared To Macular Degeneration 

Distortion in the vision that looks like there are waves moving as well as glistening flickers of light may be symptoms of an eye migraine headache. These particular types of migraine are called an ocular migraine and typically don't produce a headache. The brain has small blood vessels in it that can occasionally spasm and this is what causes the migraine of the eye.

It's very common to have lots of floaters after cataract surgery because the removal of the cloudy cataract allows you to see so much more, including the black spots floating in your vision. Eye "floaties" can also be the result of herpers infections, toxoplasmosis inflammation, and diabetic eye disease.

Being particularly nearsighted signifies your eyeballs are longer than normal and much more stretched out, this makes it more likely for you to see the cloudy strings of floaters that appear like dark colored bugs.
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