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When Are Eye Floaters And Macular Degeneration An Emergency?

Since eye floaters and macular degeneration are two distinct and different conditions they show up in different ways and it's best to see your eye care practicioner at once if you notice a big increase in intensity or number of floaters in your eyes or a sudden decrease or distortion in your central vision.

Jagged bolts of sparkly lights at the sides of your vision and amoeba like strands of dark particles in your eyes can indicate a retinal detachment in one out of every seven individuals.

During the process of your eye examination you may be told by the eye doctor that you have a torn retina or detachment, if this happens you should be sent to a retinal surgeon as soon as possible for repair. Another referral could be made if you are found to have bleeding in the macula or evidence of any type of macular degeneration.
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