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Can Stress Cause Eye Floaters And Flashes Of Light?

Can stress and anxiety cause you to see eye floaters and flashes? The actual cause of your floaters needs to be determined by an eye doctor first to check the status of your retina and to rule out any serious eye health issues. Being in a stressful situation does not actually cause floaters, but it can make them more difficult to deal with.

Laser vision correction or lasik eye surgery, will it help? 

  laser eye surgery 

Laser eye surgery does help to improve symptoms in some patients.


It's not unusual for the symptoms of black eye floaters to include seeing squiggly lines, dark specks of dirt, or flying flies in your eyesight. For the majority of individuals who get floaters they aren't a serious matter. However, there are times when stressful situations that cause floaters can be dangerous.
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Laser Eye Surgery

 laser vision surgery